ATM Visarlyavar Bankela Arj !

ATM Visarlyavar Bankela Arj 

Date: -


Honorable bank manager,

(Bank name) ...

(Address) .....

Subject: - Getting new ATM PIN


     I request you (by name) to request that I............................

I forgot the PIN of the ATM card. However, let me change my ATM PIN.

Get to know!

Name: -

Bank Account Number: -

ATM Number: -

Phone Number: -

                                                Your trustee

                                                    (Name) Sign

It is a common practice to forget the ATM PIN nowadays, so there is no need to worry too much. Be sure to read more information

What to do on forgeting ATM PIN

  • Forget the ATM PIN, first go to your nearest ATM Bank ATM
  • Swipe the .ATM and then click on the ATM Pin Generation.
  • Then, add your account number.
  • Save it as an OTP password.
  • Swipe again and select the language
  • Then go to Banking
  • Insert OTP where you are asked to enter the PIN
  • Then, add your favorite pin.
  • Your new PIN is ready

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