Kalasubai Peak -Everest Of Maharashtra!


  Kalasubai Peak -Everest Of Maharashtra!               


      Kalsubai is the mountain of western Ghats in the Indian state of Maharashtra. At the height of 1646 meters (5,400 feet), this summit is the highest point in Maharashtra which gets the status of 'Everest of Maharashtra'.


Igatpuri taluka, Nashik district, Shahpur taluka, Thane district and Akole taluka, Ahmednagar district,


       This mountain range is in Kalsubai and Harishchandra Wild Wildlife Sanctuary. During the entire year, the enthusiasts, Girirohkar and Kalsubai temple devotees visit the wildlife resort. According to the villagers at the foot of Dongra, the villagers of Kalu Bai gave a fine and forced them to leave the village. Kalu Bai got up and moved to the mountains of Laguna and stayed there. Over time, after her death, the name was called Kalubai.
      Kalsubai mountain range is created by a single historical land that gave birth to the Western Ghats.
Bari village, which is 6 km to the east of Bhandara dam, can see the complete mountain range. To go to Bari village can be reached by road via Igatpuri on the Mumbai-Nashik route. Bus service and private vehicle services are available from Kasara railway station


Trekking / climbing

      Kalsubai Peak is a tremendous place for trekkers, scenic and tourist destinations. The good hillry routes have been created to reach the destination. The most popular route is from Bari village. It has accommodation for meals and meals. There are small rivers in the village. The flow has to be exceeded. There is a great experience. It takes 3/4 hours to get to peak from the road. The value of the house from tourism. The journey of raw roads, cement stairs and iron railings was convenient.
  In recent times, due to rising tourists, the government has made a iron saddle on the raised rock so security has increased. Mountain scenes can be enjoyed on top of the peak. There are many small food hotels in the way, which makes traveling even easier. In the pan, the nature of nature also looks different. The mind is pleased to see all the scenes of falling waterfalls, greenhouses, chikhli paths, and agriculture.


The route to Indore is comparatively impossible because many people do not know this. The route through Indore is the stone steps and the raw iron chain and the dangerous patch.

Kalsubai Temple

     There was a homeowner living in Indrayi village near Kalsubai. She is believed to have disappeared from the mountain in an attempt to flee from her relentless torture. This temple, built on its mountain as well as in its memorable memory, gives a reason for this reason.
Every Tuesday and Thursday a traditional prayer service is organized by the priest. Every year a grand gathering is celebrated during the Navaratri festival, so many stalls are established to make worship material available to the devotees near the meeting. On this special occasion local villagers participate in this gathering which are complementary to their life and also offer them the opportunity to honor the mountain.


       Kalsubai has been preserved in the sanctuary area. They adhere to the nature in the vast area of ​​forests, escaped with their ravines and valleys. The view of the high-profile forest is in the hands. During the monsoon period, there were different colors and different types of flowers in this area. The food on this precious elixir attracts butterflies, beeswax, dragon-fish and other species of pests.
   In the morning of winter, the slopes like cats and snakes can get the look of sun-bath near the ceiling.

Attractive places

 If the Bhandara dam is constructed at a distance of 6 km, then Pravara river can be used to make Arthur Lake.
Arthur Lake: A clean and vibrant lake is built by the dense forest of the Sahyadri mountains. Pond water gets water from Pravara river. This attracts your attention from the peak.A roof leak has been created to regularly get water out of the downstream from Arthur E.
        The north, to the north of the hills like Harihargarh, Brahmagiri, Anjaneri, Ghugad, Bahlas, Tringalwadi, Kawanii, can be seen in the north. Aundh, Vishramgad, Betanggad, on the east, Alang, Madanagad, Kulang, Ratangad (south west) and South Pargad, Ghanchakkar and Harishchandragad can be seen in the east.

Culture and news

On December 28, 2014, in the form of an extraordinary marriage, in the presence of close family members, a couple built a wedding knot in the temple at the summit.

India's flagship flag is flagged 60 feet length and 40 feet wide by Navy in the 69th Independence Day of India.

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