Tailbaila A wandering Trekking Experience

         Tailbaila A wandering 

   In this run-of-the-moment life .. We have lost our daily office and our home. We have a tendency of nature, but sometimes the avoidance of time is always going on.

    The defeat of nature and the arrival of the rain is so cruel. This is the only chance there was a chance from #trekking_warriors .. to make the fort fort ... Sunday's holiday ..
Then what was to be decided .. But how to do CLIMBING and raplling it was staggering

   Finally that day .. Let me and my three dear friends sail to Tayabella. At 1.11. 4 hrs bus traveled and arrived at our place .. Then tea tea and some warm up .. Then go visit the fort. Go to the base of the hill team leader Kiran Gaurat. And his colleagues gave the important information about the fort and the castor head, and went away.
    Under the guidance of Team Leader, we went on their back .. After some walk, the hill climbing. Towards the grass under the feet .. Running on the tree leaves and walking around. On the foot of the fort at the rooftop. . The temple started near and then .. really started the adventure .. the climbing plants were planted .. carabiner and much more .. Our eyes are disturbed by the look. How much Such questions arose in mind.

The trekking_warriors went ahead and started preparing for it. The seedlings got attached. Then after giving the final information, we started encouraging the mountaineer. Finally came the moment ..trekking safety belts, handgloves, helmets .. add a lot of things .. To remember God's name..that is the backbone .. After sitting down belts, let's take the rope and take it as a footpath It was difficult for him to sit on two feet of feet and not having a seat in his head. But he was coming under the direction of the team leader. He was saying like a close friend. And finally he got up. The cheek was going on, ..What a different experience .. then what do you have to say, mobile clicks are started .. Extensive mountain ranges spread far away .. Attempts to embrace the eye, but how successful it is. Sing Your Batuk place in front of the girl ..
It was the same as our returning to the fort. The team leader's hand. It was not going to be seen under the curtain .. Then how could we answer this question .. with the help of a member of trekking_warriors, it has crossed ... with tremendous trekking_warriors. Got ..

We got down and then came home and went home. We just remembered for the visit of the train. We are very grateful to trekking_warriors .. They could have such an unforgettable experience.


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