Why Loco pilots do not stop the train from seeing people in front of them??

 Why Loco pilots do not stop the train from seeing people in front of them??

 Around 220 million commuters daily travel in Indian Railways, called the life system of the country. You have heard many news reports of the train accident. At that time you are questioning the fact that the loco pilots do not stop in front of the train? So you are trying to give some information on this topic.
In order to stop the train, the loco pilot is dependent on the pilot. So learn some issues of breaking system

1) Which type of brake system is used on Indian Railways?

Air Brake (AB) is a versatile-safe system used by railways around the world. The operating system of the air brake system is based on the physical properties of compressed gas.
Due to friction between the wheel and the road, when the keeneric energy (KE) is incubated due to heat energy, any running car will eventually stop. A car that runs like a vehicle is Kei. Brake cylinder (BC) applies breakpad to rotating wheels. Which causes friction.

The main components of AB are: -

1) Compressor: - To compress the air coming from the environment to use AB and other pneumatic equipment on the train. Mount the image below with six cylinder express locomotives.
2) On the Main Reserve: - Air compresses for braking and other pneumatic applications.

3) Breaking Pipe (BP) and Feed Pip (FP): - They run in the length of the coach. They connect each other through the tubing connection and supply constant air from the locomotive to the rear side of the train.

Data for Indian Railways

Brake Pipe: - Green, 5kg / cm2
Feed Pipe: - White, 6 kg / cm2

4) Assistant Regorior: - It is constantly fed through feed pipe. This ensures the full break force during the emergency during the leak in the brake cylinder.

5) Distributor: - A distributor is just a refined triple valve. It is connected to brake pipes, auxiliary reservoir and break cylinders

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2.) See how the break application works.

When the brakes do not apply at the beginning, the break cylinder distributor is attached to the environment through a hole in the valve. Moves the driver handle to apply a break. This move has reduced BP pressure due to this movement. This has decreased in pressure by the distributor valve against the pressure of the control reservoir. Auxiliary water heaters enter the brake cylinder and breaks apply. The following figure shows in break cylinders, auxiliary cylinders, distributor (triple valve) break application.

3) What is an immediate emergency?

The train system is given to stop the train from one place to the next, and during a serious incident, the pilot uses an immediate break and the car stops .The system is very safe. It can be used anytime

4) How long does the train stop after the use of emergency brake (emergency)?

There are 12 to 15 canals in the local train. If the train breaks immediately, the train can travel 700 to 800 meters long.
If this is 24 express trains, then it will stop from 1100 to 12000 meters
Therefore could not be stopped at the time of the train's weight with the weight of the train and the weight of the passengers.The loco pilot is trained to do the same.

5) Do not stop the loco pilot train after seeing the man in front?

       According to the above points, it takes time to stop the train if it takes an immediate break. For that reason, the loco loads the pilot, if there is a train, only one option is to be alerted by the horn, but the vehicle approaches that man and the loco pilot can not do anything. The loco pilot does not appear at the time of the turn and at what time of night, there may be more accidents at such a time.According to the RSSO and AILPA, the loco pilot is notified, but an accident can occur due to an immediate break-even time. And it is a very complex system, though the administration will certainly have some kind of symmetric arrangement.

 Before that there should be a request for the passengers to avoid crossing the railway line.

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