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Aad Fort

 Fort high: 4050
 Type of fort: Giridurg mountain                       Range: Not mountainable
 District: Nashik                                                   Category: Medium
          Sinnar in Nashik district was the first capital of the Yadavas. Therefore, the fort, Abed, Dubbergad, were formed around Sinnar. These forts should be used to keep an eye on the road leading to Sinnar. From the distance of the fort, on the one side, the region of Dubbargad, Sinnar and other areas are seen from the horizontal belt and inundha.
   Private collections can be used to view Dubbargad, Aad, Patta, Avandha and Bitangad for four forts in two days.

Places to see:

        The castle is spread over the northeast. On the south side there is a small mountain near the hill of the fort. There is a dam of earth on the road leading to the fort from Aadwadi to the fort. From the field along the road, towards the Hanuman Temple at the foot of the fort, the fort runs. In this Kaularu Hanuman temple there are idols of Hanuman, body and 2 Vegargali. Hanuman Temple is at the foot of the north end of the fort.From Hanuman Temple, a passage goes from the central part of the fort to the cave in the height of the mountain height. It takes 10 minutes to reach the cave from Hanuman Temple. This place has a natural cave. There is a stove in the cave and water tank outside the cave. It is currently dry. The cave is in the cave. Here are some new old idols.

      Relax for some time in the cave and start walking on the northern side of the fort. In 5 minutes, you reach the mountain range. There are 10 steps carved in the castle. There is a need to protect them from these piers. After climbing the stairs, you reach the top of the fort. In front of the fort there is a boiled water tank. There is a big water tank in front of each other.On the left side of these tanks is a group of 5 tanks. All these cisterns are not potable. Next to these tanks there is a mason over the fort. But do not go to that tall, turn the clockwise direction on the left side of the fort.

      The first dry pond is seen in the fortification. Next, the remains of the remains are visible. There is a dry water tank next to it. After going for 15 minutes walk, we get on the rear side of the fort. Here is a lousy place. The walls of her walls are still standing. Next to this temple there is a group of five pans. The water in it is not potable. If the tank is to be seen, then it will reach the center of the center.There are 2 wells in this place. The buildings on the top are chaufters. Seeing it all, returning back to the Tanks and starting with it. At the middle of the road, the fort is in the middle of a rivulets, and there is a broken entrance for the fort. Entry does not have to be easily seen from here, they have to go down a bit. The gate of the entrance door is broken. Side bastions are dimmed. The waiting distance down the door is broken. So this is not possible to get down on this route.

      Seeing the entrance of the fort, come back and turn around the fort. In 5 minutes you reach a dry tank. When you go through this table, you reach the two strokes in the right angle. Here, our fortress completes. It takes one hour to complete the badge.

From the main castle to the west, Avindha (Inunda), Patta, Bitangad and then the peak of Kalsubai. Whereas in the northeast, Dubargad (Dubeara) is seen.

Distance to reach:

Sinnar is a big city near the fort. There are 5 ST buses to go from Sinnar to Aadwadi. Apart from this, private jeep (Vadap) is run from Sinnar to Thangagaon. Jeep can be reached by Thanegaon.

  Mumbai Nashik Highway should come up to Ghoti and come to Ghoshi Sinnar road to Harsul village. There is a road leading to Thangala village from Harsul village. The distance between Thanganga and Adwadi is 7 km. The road from the foothills to the fort goes to Hanuman Mandir at the base of the fort. This route takes 20 minutes to reach the base of the fort from the foothills. It takes 30 minutes for the fort to reach the fort. The distance between Mumbai and Adwadi is 200 km.

Accommodation Facility:

There are 20 accommodation facilities in the cave on the fort.

Food Facility:

The convenience of eating food is Thangaon / Sinnar.

Water Facility:

There is no drinking water in the fort.

Time to go:

It takes about 30 minutes to reach the fort, from the village of Advwadi to the fort, it takes one hour.

Good duration to go:

From Jun to February
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