Achala Fort- Forts Of Maharashtra

Achala Fort- Forts Of Maharashtra
Fort Height: 4040
Type of fort: Giridurg 
Dongarang: Satmal
District: Nashik 
Category: Medium

      There are 18 forts in the seven-storey mountain ranges going east from Nashik district. Among them, the Achla fort, which is behind the stone Pimpri village, is a companion of the small fort, Ahin Gada. It should be the fortress of the fort. The mountain on the left side of this fort is known by its name, while the mountain on the right is called Bhairavacha mountain.
   The three forts, Achala, Ahin and Mohanadar, are conveniently seen in two days. On the first day, seeing the Achal, the Ahivant, stay at the Maruti temple or the Ashramshal of the Mohandari village and then see Mohanadar fort on the next day.

Places to see:

Stone Pimpri is situated at the foothills of the fort. This village can be seen by 6 feet high of 5 feet height. When the fort starts to climb, the fort will fall down. In that passage there is a temple of a letter. That temple is called a permanent temple. After ascending from one place to another, the idol of Hanuman found in the saddle under the saffron lamps can be seen.Below are the steps leading up to the fort. Upon reaching half-steps, on the top of the stove, a cave with a 3 ft long and 3 ft wide square entrance can be seen. To move to the cave, take a few steps away from the steps. The cave is 10 feet long. The distance from this cave looks good. It should be planned for the purpose.Looking back at the cave, it should start from the stairs. There is a water tank filled with stairs. After climbing a small stage, there is a water tank on the right side.

   After entering the fort on the fort, there is a boat. Those tanks appear to be clothed on the bush. After any major illness was cured, the villagers came to the places where they come. At that time they left the clothes of the village and left them in new clothes. Today, however, this tactic is not easy. Some idols are placed under a tree at the top of the tank. But those identities are shaky beyond recognition.There are many amenities in the house. Turning to the right side, the fort and the side began to descend in the mountainous hill, or two tanks on the lower side, there are two tanks on the lower side. Below it are a five tank next to one. The unique design of such 8 tanks can be found. After seeing the tank again, entering the fort, there is a big water that can be seen on the opposite direction (entrance from left to right) on the left side.It is a stone filled with stones. Gadfari is complete when looking at the back and coming back to the entrance. Gadfire is half an hour long because the ground is small. Ahhantangad, Saptashringi, Markandya, Ravalya-Javalya, Dhodap can be seen from the queue atl.

How to reach:

Go to Nashik via Mumbai or Pune. Nasikhun to reach Wani. ST from Wani should go to Pimpri Achala. This distance is about 12 km. Going down to Achala village, go straight to the Pimpri village. This distance is half an hour. Stone Pimpri is a village at the bottom of the fort. Private voyage can be directly located in Pimpri village. From the village, there are small chapati temples in front of the hills.To move upwards towards him. The footprints first goes up from the fields and then from a forested forest. Usually within half an hour, you reach the Satni temple on the Sondo. The fort that stands on the left side of the temple is "Achala", while the right-hand trunk gets directly to the "Ahinavat" fort. On the left side, catch the walking distance from the dam to the fort.There is a temple of Maruti at the first stage. Next, the seat is raised to the wall. Turning right back to the right side of the tunnel, the stairs taken in the wood are required when the horizontal line is turned on the edges left and right. After climbing the stairs, our fort can be reached. It takes about one and a half hours to reach the top of the stone Pimpri village.
    The stone has been a paved road from Pimpri to Belwadi. In a few years the car can be reached directly to the temples that are in the temples. From there, you can reach the top of the fort.

Accommodation Facility:

Accommodation is not available on the fort.

Food Facility:

We should arrange for the food ....

Water Facility:

There is no proper drinking water on the fort.

Time to go:

It takes half an hour via the stone Pimpri.

Good duration to go:

July to February
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