Ajmera Fort- Forts Of Maharashtra

Ajmera Fort 

Height: 2854                                                            Dongarang: Dundeshwar Range
             Type of Fort: Giridurg                                           Category: Medium
             District: Nashik                                                    

        There are big forts like Bagota, Salota, Mulher, Darmal and Pisol in the Baglan area of ​​Nashik district. Also there are unfamiliar forts like saint, karn, danda, ajmera. These four forts, situated on the Dundeshwar mountain range, were used as chowkis forts from Satana taluka.
     In two days, the private hare can see the four forts like Kara, Siddha, Ajmera, Dundha and Jogeshwar temple in Deolna village. In the morning on the first day, reach the village of Kottabari on the foothills of the fort. Take a guide from the village and look at the Riddha fort. It takes 4 to 5 hours to return to the fort and return to the village. After seeing Bistha, take a meal and take a look at Karla fort guide.It takes 3 hours to get back to Karah fort from Karha Fort. After seeing the fort of Karah see the Jogeshwar temple of Devalay. Taking the Mahadev Darshan and reaching the fort, It takes an hour to see. Should stay at the foot of the fort at the base of the fort or stay at Pahdesh and stay at the base of Ajmer Fort. There is no facility to eat food at any of these places. Hold your ridge together.

Places to see:

A road from Ajmer Saunda village goes to the temple of Pahdeshwar. This distance is 4 km. Around the temple of Pahdeshwar, Ajmera is a mountain of fort. The temple of Pahdeshwar and its surroundings is very clean and beautiful. There is a water supply in this place. You should come out of the temple premises after taking a glimpse of Pahandeshwar and packing your water bottles. A crude road adjacent to the Pahdeshwar cobbling goes forward to the nagala.After walking on this road, a letter shade appears on the right in 10 minutes. It has a large rock with a scorpion and a tropical trunk. He is known as Mauli. On the left side there is a rock. He is called Hosoba. There is a cave at half the height of the Donjagar which is behind this Mhasoba. It is a hill station of the tribals.On the left side, Ajmera falls on the hill of the fort and on the right side the mountain of Dongdev falls under the thick shrine. After 10 minutes walking from the tree, the mountains start climbing through two mountain slopes. Within half an hour, we reach the broken entrance of the fort. On the right side of this place, there are ruins of ruined bastions and fortifications.After reaching the fort, a spacious platform is seen. The entrance is seen flagged against him. When you start walking in the direction of the flag, there is a mud on the right side, there are ruins of ruined buildings. On the left side there is a dry lake. When the footpath goes ahead, Mahadev's ruined temple is on the right. This place has Nandi and Niband.Next to the Mahadev Darshan, there is another lake on the right side. After moving towards the lake, there are two water tanks on the left. One of them is boiled and another tank is full of water but the water is not potable. After reaching the top, reach the top of the fence at the edge of the fort. From here, the fort can be seen in the surrounding areas, Karh and Bitta. It takes half an hour to reach the top of the fort.

Distance to reach:

From Mumbai to Nashik, go to Satana. Ajmer Saunde, a town on the banks of the fort, is 8 km from Satana. A road from Ajmer Saunda village goes to the temple of Pondeshwar. This distance is 4 km. Pahdeshwar Temple is the cornerstone of the fort.

Accommodation Facility:

There is no accommodation facility in the fort.

Food Facility:

Dining facilities are located in the city of Satana.

Water Facility:

There is no drinking water on the fort. Fill it with the temple of Pahdeshwar.

Time to go:

1 to 1.5 hours from Pahdeshwar, (Ajmer Saunde)

Good duration to go:

August to February
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