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Amalner Fort
Height: 0
Type of fort: Bhui Fort 
forts: No mountain range
District: Jalgaon 
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      Amalner is a big city in Jalgaon district situated on the banks of river Bori. This place was formerly a municipal town; That is, the walls were covered with walls and bastions. On the one side of this city there is natural protection due to the river Bori. To strengthen it, the fort and towers were built along the river. On the other side of the city there were 3 doors and 20 foot walls.


There is no history of the town or town of Amalner. In 1818, this fort was in the possession of Peshwa representative Madhavrao. According to Peshwa's order, the fort decided to give the fort to the British, but the Jamaat-ul-Fitr Ali and his army's Arab Phaltan opposed this. British Colonel Haskinson Bhil from Malegaon took the battalion and went to Amalner.From the east side of the river he has struck the towers. Ali Jamadar and his army made the conditions of the game. But the British had strained them on all four sides. Ali Jamadar and his army failed to run away from the riverbed due to the closure of the Bahadarpur fort from the Bahadarpur fort (and ammunition) due to British occupation, but they all became prisoners of the British.

Places to see:

Amalner was a municipal town. Now, due to the rise of this city, he has encroached on the original fort. In the city of Amalner, the fort is 20 feet high and the fortified towers are standing in it.The road leading down to this door leads to the Samadhi Mandir of Saint Sakharam Maharaj on the banks of river Bori. After reaching the side of the Bori river bank, the fort walls and the locally built houses are visible. On the right hand a bastion looks. On the way back to the entrance from the river, Deshmukh is a beautiful double-edged house with wooden poles.

Distance to reach:

Amalner is one of the important cities of Jalgaon district that connects the country with roads and railways.
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