Ambolgad - Fort of Maharashtra

height of the fort: 82
Type of fort: the sea coast, the Kel
mountain range: No
District: Ratnagiri
Category: Easy

Rajapur taluka of Ratnagiri district has two Durg, that is, Ambolgad and Yashwant fort. Ambolgad was built to monitor "Musakaji" on the ancient harbor and the sea. Colonel Imlock won this fort in 1818. After 1862 Abhilgad's settlement rose.

Places to see:

 Ambolgad Fort is a fort located on the adjoining sea level of Ambolgad village. The area of ​​the fort is around 1200 square meters. To the south of the fort lies the ocean and on the north and west there is a moat. Today the trench is flooded. The fort is defaced. The walls of the palaces were of 10 to 15 feet high.Now it can be seen as a wall of 6-7 feet high walls. While standing in the entrance to the fort, a bastion is seen on the right side. There is a wall on the left side of the entrance. It was the tower now and it is now completely diminished. It was designed to not be hit directly at the entrance to the fort.After entering the fort, there is a big tree in the middle of the middle, he has a shadow on the fort. A broken gun is lying in front of this tree. The plant is well-off. The front and right side of the well are eligible.On the right side of the well is a jute plaza. In front of that Samadhi has Vrundavan. Apart from these, there are many houses on the fort. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the fort. Gagangiri Maharaj's Math is on the road leading off the fort from the fort. There is a glimpse of the sea from this side.

Places to reach: 

From Ratnagiri to Pawas - Adivare - Nate - Ambolgad or via Rajapur - Nate - Ambolgad, you can reach the fort. There are buses from Ratnagiri to Ambolgad.

Accommodation Facility: 

There is no lodging facility on the fort, the village sage can be accommodated in tourism.

Dining facilities: 

There is no food at the fort. Dinner is available at Nate.

Water Facility: 

There is no water facility available on the fort.

Time required for transportation: 

It takes 5 minutes to reach the fort from the village.

Good duration to go: 

year round
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