Antur Fort-Forts Of Maharashtra

Antur Fort
The height of the fort: 2700
Type of Fort: Giridurg 
Mountain Range: Ajanta
District: Aurangabad 
Category: Medium

Aurangabad district of Maharashtra is catered by caves. The famous Ajanta Cave in this district is carved in the Ajanta range of Sahyadri. There are many forts in this Ajanta range, all of these forts are the Antur fort.

Places to see:

       If we walk through Nagpur or Gopewadi from Nagpur, then we reach the fort's main bastion (here is the conn.). From here on, the cement footpath goes towards the first door of the fort, on the way there is a guarding guard on the left side. At the top of the footpath, some towers are visible. It has a triple tower. Next steps are taken to the first door after stepping up.This door is south-facing. In front of the door there is a stack of stones. On the door, on the two side of the arches, the armpits were formerly cereal. Now the only right ear is absorbed. There is a fortification on both sides of the road leading through the door. When you walk on the left and move to the left you move to another door. This grand door, located in the right angle of the first door, is facing east.The bastions on both sides of the door are square. At the bottom of the door, the food is kept for heating the enemy (hot oil / steel). Inside there there are guardrooms of guard. Inside the entrance, there are two lily carpets and 4 tofgels are planted on the door. After coming in from another door, the paths of the stairs will be turned into a brace and move to the third door.This door is also south-facing. On the ground there are carved carnivorous carpets. There is a 5.5 foot long and 2 foot wide Persian inscription in the middle of the arc. There are steps along the inside to get to the arc. After entering the fort from the entrance, there is a broken vault on the right. There are some carvings in it     
  After entering the door, the pond appears on the front. If one goes the right way, the fort will go further through the fort and the palace. There is a small entry to go to this congress. Inside there are two big ones built up. There are dome on top. Stairs appear to be carved on top of a castle. There are some graves behind this castle. A dargah is seen on the way when going out of the castle towards the west end.Next, there is a quadrangular watchroom. There are steps to climb on it. A complete bastion is seen from this bastion. See the tower and come near the lake. The water in this lake is damaged. On one side of this lake there is a dock named Dodi. There is a grand door on the southern side of the lake towards the castle. I do not know the purpose of building this door here. On the back side of the entrance the ruined castle can be seen.When this is seen in the west, walking through the bastion, there are two ruined buildings, and the villa in the basement adjacent to the pool should be a baroque house. We take the route that comes from the bastion to the corners of the basement, to the tanks that are carved in the stomach. Here the four pillars of the tank are carved. One of them is potable for drinking water. The top of these tanks is a dry bundhav lake.
    After seeing the tank, return to the basin and start walking along the southern part of the fort. A special thing here is that this part has a fortification and two towers constructed from the fort. There is a door to go beyond this fortification. After entering, we reach the southern tip of the fort. It seems a mortar lying in this area.There is a small room in front of it with a wall and a back tower. There is a door and a guard inside the guard. This part is the grand bastion with the main attraction of the intestine fort. This is a 50 foot spacing between the bastion and the plateau. To make a distance from a large mountain range, a 50-foot dug of rock has been constructed and the fort is constructed by constructing a massive bastion near the fort.Right now there is the gate of Gabtan Baba in this bastion. After coming inside, there are stairs built to go to the tower. From the bastion, the front plateau and the cone are seen.

    An intimate milestone appears on the lower left side of the road while going from Anant fort to Nagapur. There are four ways to go to four cities in Persian language.
Though the intestine fort is neglected, there are plenty of relics on the fort. If you want to see the whole fort well, it takes two to three hours.

Distance to reach:

Antur fort is situated on the border of Jalgaon and Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. There are two ways to reach there.

1) Via Aurangabad: - Kannada Gateway via Aurangabad. Kannada - Nagapur distance is 20 km. You can get an ST bus or jeep to reach Kannadhun Nagapur. Due to the untimely road from Nagapur to Intoor Fort, Apart from the monsoon, the vehicle can go directly to the fort without leaving the rains.
2) Chalisgaon: - On the Chalisgaon-Silode road, Nagapur is a village. Nagapur is 40 km away from Chalisgaon. Due to the untimely road from Nagapur to Intoor Fort, Apart from the monsoon, the vehicle can go directly to the fort without leaving the rains.

Accommodation Facility:

10 to 15 people can stay in the mosque on the fort.

Food Facility:

Not enough food. You should do it yourself.

Water Facility:

There are drinking water boats on the fort.

Time to go:

It takes two and a half hours to walk from Nagapur. It takes three hours to climb up the gopewadi.

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