Arnala Fort- Forts Of Maharashtra

Arnala Fort- Forts Of Maharashtra
Fort high: 0
Type of fort: Jaladurg 
mountain range: Not mountainable
District: Thane 
Category: Simple

It is built on the northwest side of the small island Arnala. Since the Vaitarna river in North Konkan is near the fort near the fort, all the regions of the creek can be monitored from this dam.


Arlala, surrounded by water on four sides, built this fort in 1516 by Sultan Mahmood Begada of Gujarat. The fort won the fort in 1530 and made many new constructions on it. After about 200 years of Portuguese power, the fort was captured in 1737. Like the Portuguese, Bajirao also rebuilt this fort. In 1817, like the other forts, the fort went under the control of the British.

Places to see:

Arnala Fort is a square and protects a ten meter height of continuous and strong walls. The fortified bastions are still standing today. Although there are three doors to the fort, the main entrance is north. There are two arched bastions on both sides of this entrance. The door is beautifully decorated with an oars and an ominous image on both sides. There is a inscription on the entrance, in this inscription,

बाजीराव अमात्य मुख्य सुमती आज्ञापिले शंकर!
पाश्चात्यासि वधूनि सिंधु उदरी बांधा त्वरे जंजिरा!!

It appears that Bajirao Peshwa has rebuilt this fort from this line.

There is a temple of Trimbakeshwar and Bhavani Mata inside the fort. In front of the temple of Trimbakeshwar Mahadev, there is a beautifully built octagonal base. Besides this, there are freshwater wells in the fort. The surroundings of the fort are inhabited by people and they also have their farming.On the way to the main entrance to the fort, there is a temple of Kalikamata on the outskirts. When the fort is seen from the beach, a round tower can draw its attention from the fort on the left hand side. There is a small door to go in.
 It takes half an hour to thirty hours to see the entire fort. From the strong walls of the fort, it is possible to hit the goal round with a summon seen in the fort. While sitting on the top of the main entrance, the entire fort is visible.

Distance to reach:

Arnala is about 10 km from Virar on Western Railway and there is facility of AT bus and auto rickshaws to reach there. After going to the beach from Arnala village, it can be reached by boat only. This boat is taken from 6.00 am to noon 12.30 pm and in the evening from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for the boat to reach Arnala Fort, opposite to the beach.

Accommodation Facility:

It is not necessary to be able to return to the coast by seeing the entire fort half-a-quarter hour.

Food Facility:

There is no lodging facility on the fort.

Water Facility:

There are freshwater wells on the fort.

Time to go:

It takes 1 hour from Virar.

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