Deepawali-Festival Of Light

Deepawali, Diwali

Celebrations from Ashwin Vadya Dwadashi to Kartik Shudha Dwivedi are celebrated in the name of Diwali or Deepawali. Deepawali is the festival of lights. Diwali is celebrated with the use of oil and brinjal in soil solids. Usually it is celebrated for four days.

Vasubaras (Ashwin Vady Dvashashi)

Vasubarasa means the meaning of the word 'Vasusa' means money for money (money). This day is also called Govtsh Dwadashi. On this day, worshiping a cow with a cow is worshiped in the evening. On this day, it is the practice of worshiping the goddess Due to the arrival of Lakshmi in the house. Those who have livestock and calves on their home, cook it on this day. Sabatana wives in the house throw water on the legs of the cow.Later on the turmeric-pomegranate, flowers, axis, they carry the stalks of Chafan on their necks. On the banana leaf, the food grains grow and eat the cows, and they eat the cows. From this day we start drawing rangoli in the courtyard. Many women fast on this day. On this day, wheat does not eat munga. Araria should eat bajrai bread and roasted legumes and keep them fasting. They worship their children to get good health and happiness.

Dhanathodashi (Ashwin Vidya Trayodashi)

It is intended to celebrate Dhana. The traders, shopkeepers, worship the Lakshmi idols, jewelery, trade houses, gold and coins on the day of the day. New grains are their money only for farmers. So they worship new grains. At that time the discretion of money and jugs is shown. Available in abundance of marigold and shavanti flowers during this period, the Puja is used for the flora and fauna of flowers.From this day onwards, the sky starts kashayatakandil and baitai. On this day, take a few kicks of the evening and add some oil and turmeric in it and make a lamp. The lights are kept in the courtyard deliberately towards the south. This is called 'Yamdidapadaan'. Yama, the god of death, does not have any disrespect to her, and keep a lamp in her name and carries her with turmeric and pomegranate.

This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the business class. Vaidya people worship Dhanvantari on this day.

Narak chaturdashi (ashwin vadya chaturdashi)
On Ashwani Vadya Chaturdashi on this day, Narakasur was destroyed by the demon named Shrikrushna, hence the name was called hell chaturdashi.

Everyone baths before sunrise this day. During bath, gourmery, fragrant oils, aromatic sapons are used. Before sunrise this saunna is called Abhyangshanan. On this day, whoever does not perform rituals, is believed to go to hell. After the bath, the kids are flogging.On this day worshiping God also before sunrise After bath, all the people in the house flutter. The food items include Chakli, Chivda, Ladu, Shankarpal, Anuras, Chirote etc. Substances are mainly.

Get rid of bandits this morning. It is customary to make such a betting to be well-stocked. After cooking on this day, cook it as God does on the day of feasting and then show God a good name.

Laxmi Pujan (Ashwin Vadi Amavasya)
        The mythological story of this period is that it has long been ruled by the victim. He was very rich and mighty. He had won the land of the earth on the strength of his power. His growing prosperity also caused discomfort to God and to Lakshmi. The victim was very kind to the king. Knowing this story, Shri Vishnu demanded a bamma (a very little Brahmachari) form and offered a donation for the poor people to take three steps.In reality, however, when Vamana took a step, it grew bigger, and in one foot, he spreaded the earth and sky, spreading the second rung of water and did not have enough space to take the third step, so the victim's head would continue to take steps. After putting the feet on his head, Vishnu was tortured and all the gods were released. Lakshmi's domination prevailed. Laxmi Pujaan will be remembered for this day.
   The new year of business people started after Laxmipujan. On this day all ablutions are performed. Ragi is kept on rice and rice is kept. They put a bowl or cup on it. They are adorned with gold ornaments, silver ornaments and pearls ornaments. For this worship, there is a need for marigold flowers, Batasa, lahya, coriander, jaggery, turmeric-pomegranate, agarbatti etc. On this day, the pistachios are planted by flowers and they have to be thrown to the door. This day the business people celebrate with great enthusiasm.
   Since there is a belief that Lakshmi smells in the place where there is cleanliness, people buy lots of new kerosene in the day to clean it. Take her as Lakshmi and start pouring water on her and using turmeric and pomegranate to start using the house.

Padwa (Kartik Shudha Pratipada)

    The legend behind this festival is associated with the last story of Laxmi Pujan. Seeing the charity of the victim, Vaman gave him the state of Patala and Waman took the responsibility of becoming the gatekeeper of the state to serve the donor. That day is Kartik Purush Pratipada. Since then, this day is celebrated for the honorable sacrifices of the poor. On this day, by removing the backbone by removing the courtyard in the morning and replacing the shack's tail in the courtyard.Carry turmeric and pomegranate and worship it. Vikram Samvat starts on this day. This is one of the three Muhurats of Padwa. For the economic account, traders consider Diwali paws as the beginning of a new year. Business people start the year by worshiping new ones for achieving Lakshmi. The new tone of the day-to-day expenditures of business people is started on this day. Before starting a new carpet of new khadavani, carry carrots, pomegranates, odor, flowers and axa.
   In the evening, after removing a rangoli around the house, the wife makes her husband insignificant and her husband wages the ward. Give sari, jewelery or any other necessities as winnings. Celebrate the marriage of the first wife of the newly married couple. This is called Diwasana. On this occasion, they are going to get married on this day.

Bhaubij (Karthik Shudha Dwitiya)

   On this day, Yamraja's sister Yamuna had a mythological story that her brother, called Yamraaja, was superstitiously invited. So this festival is celebrated as 'Bhauwija'

On this day, the brothers go to meet their married sister. Unmarried siblings are the method of meeting with parents. The brother wakes from the sister.Depending on your preference, she gives gifts or money as a symbol of love. If a sister does not meet a sister for some reason, then she understands the moon as brother. Brothers and sisters should celebrate each other for reminding each other, asking for love and loving each other.

Whoever dies on this day, is said to get salvation.
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