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Ahivant Fort   (Marathi)

Fort high: 4000
Type of fort: Giridurg 
Dongarang: Satmal
District: Nashik 
Category: Medium

     There are 18 forts in the seven-storey mountain ranges going east from Nashik district. Among them, Ahinthand was the main fort. The huge size of the fort, the remnants of many castles on it, the big pond, can denounce the dignity of the fort. The Achala, Mohanadar, for the protection of the Avhilgad, have been built for these two tours. Since the shape of Ahwantangad is huge, it takes half a day for Ahankat and his wandering mountain (buddha) to see it.
    The three forts, Achala, Ahin and Mohanadar, are conveniently seen in two days. On the first day, seeing the Achal, the Ahivant, stay at the Maruti temple or the Ashramshal of the Mohandari village and then see Mohanadar fort on the next day.


Avivasan was under the control of Ahwandang Nizamshahi in 1636. The Mughal emperor Shahjahan entrusted the responsibility of the fort to take control of the forts in Nashik area. Shivshi Maharaj won the fort from Mughal in 1670. In the year 1670, Shivaji Maharaj conquered this fort by Mughal. Aurangzeb Badshah was angry because of the actions of Shivaji Maharaj to win the booty of Sutta, Karanja, and to win the forts of the Mughals.He ordered his southern Sardar to take Mahabatkhana Ahvantgarh, Mahabatkhana to take Ahwantang. He took the dilkhana with Mahabhatkhana, and he surrounded the Ahivantangad. Mahabhatkhana laid a siege on the Mahadarwaja. But after one month, Ahvantgarh was not giving shouting. Meanwhile, an incident occurred in this festival. Bhimsen Saksena Sankhakkarai Dikusha and Jade Shakavali All this to offer in front of a fire alatyala dilerakhana day of camp sapadatedilerakhana.He asked for sugar when he asked him to take the fort. Sakhare showed the map of Ahivant fort. Sakhre showed Mahabat Khan and Darrekhana front. Then he pulled out a mongole from his bag belt and left it on the fort. After the mangal, Mahabat Khan went to the march attached to the Mahadarwaja He went to the laboratory of the laboratory.From the other side, the astrologer presented mathematics and said that the Mahatrvaj will attack the Mahadarwaja from the Mahabatkhana. But after 6 days, the fort will be seized from the warehouse.The astrological prediction came true in six days. Mahabhatta took a siege to the Mahadarwaja. The ammunition on the fort and the grain had come to an end. Therefore, the Marathwani decided to leave the fort. Because Mahatmukhan was fighting against the fort, Marathini sent his message to Diliparhan and expressed his desire to give the fort. Killerkhana defeats Marathas Gave way to the safe and took the fort.

    In 1818 Sir Pruthar captured the fort from Maratha.

Places to see:

Abhivangad can be seen from Dheregal, in the shape of the canal. There is a narrow mountain on the side of the Ahinvangad. There is another mountain on the other side. When we start to climb from the Maruti temple in the village, we reach the circle between Buddha and its side. We come in the middle of the Buddha and the Ahivant fort by folding the hinge and turning the hill to the mountainous hill. After climbing the cloth, on the left side, the carved carved carved stone carved corner and the tower on top are visible.The soil is lying on these steps. So, after climbing these steps carefully we reach the bastion. Next to the bastion there is a dried tank. There are two bad tanks when you go ahead. After looking at the head of the Buddha, another tower can be seen. There are four water tanks on the head of the Buddha. One of them is buzzable.There is a pebble on top. When the head of the Buddha is small, in half an hour, after returning to the middle of the heart of Ahwantgarh and Budge, after 10 minutes, we reach the top of the Ahivant fort. On reaching the top, there is a hill on the left side but there are no residues on it. Important relics on the fort are around the hill that appears in the center of the fort.So start moving towards the hill. Normally you reach the ruins of the bastions in 10 minutes. There are plenty of residual ruins in the ruins of the ruins. It is possible to build the fort on this fort. One of these is the lakes on the back side of a damaged castle. On the edge of that tank is a statue of Maruti and Saptashringi Devi. There is a pillar building on the bank of the lake.

Seeing this remnant surrounding the pond, start walking towards the fort. After reaching the hill, start the hill with the right hand and start walking along the left hand. There is a cave carved in the corner at the end of the valley on the left side. This cave is not visible from the bottom on the lower body. There were steps that were carved out of the cave for the cave, but now they are costly, due to the destruction.In the cave there is a cool water tank. The cave is not currently resilient. There is a distance from the cave.After reaching the cave, we can keep the hill back in the right place. The water in it is potable. There is a broken stone on the side of the tank. There is an equestrian idol of Khandoba. Taked water will go up the Pigon hill. There are chawls of ruined houses on the hill and there is a buzzing cot. There is a tremor on the hill and the Bundi Lake, which is situated at the extreme end of the hill, appears on the hill.Get down to this lake. After going through the lake, on the right side there is a cave sculpted in the valley (towards Daregawa). She has to go there because she has a narrow path to go there for watching. The two caves on the fort are excavated from the bottom of the fort. The cave can be seen if the information is correct.

After reaching the cave and returning to the plateau, we come to the blocked entrance. After the exit of the entrance, the spiral paths and steps taken in the black hole can be seen. This was the highway to come to the fort at that time. After reaching the highway, we come to a narrow plateau. Here is a large dried tank of water. Going forward, leaving the way down the road.A small cobbled carved stone carved out of a small curve appears in it. This cave is not worth living. When we descend from the cave, we get to a broken door. The door towers and the deodar are also destroyed. From this door, you can see the road of Belgaum, Daregaon. There are two parts when you come down from this door and come down a bit. One wand has gone down the road straight down the road. If you want to land at Bilwadi, then wait for this.

To get to Durga, take a walk through the right-hand corner. Keeping the right side of the plate and right on the left side, the line goes straight to the ends of the stove and down from there to the ridge. Dhegaon Belwadi road making it a bit difficult to reach. After reaching the road, it is half an hour to reach Daregala.

In this way, the fort starts from Durgaon Maruti temple and goes to Durgaon Belwadi Road, situated at the other end of Buddha and Ahivant Gada, at least in the shortest possible time. It takes at least 3 hours to see the fort fair.

From the fort Achala, Mohandar, Saptashringi, Markandya, Ravalya-Javalya, Dhodp can be seen in the queue.

Distance to reach:

1) Nashik city is connected to all the cities of the country by road and by rail. Nashikhun to reach the goddess of Saptashrungi Devi. Get down from Wani to Nanduri, Kalvan, on the Daregaon ft. This distance is about 12 km. Walking on the ferry and reaching the Maruti temple in Deraigata, within 10 minutes. Daregaon is a town on the foothills of the Ahivant fort. Private air can go directly to Dregaga.If you can see through Daregawa, then Ahinvangad can be seen spread across the size of the canal. There is a narrow mountain on the side of the Ahinvangad. There is another mountain on the other side. When we start to climb from the Maruti temple in the village, we reach the circle between Buddha and its side. We come in the middle of the Buddha and the Ahivant fort by folding the hinge and turning the hill to the mountainous hill.After climbing the cloth, on the left side, the sculpture appears on the left side. On the right side, it goes to the head of the fort. It takes one and a half hours to reach Dhamagawa. The fort starts at least a short distance from Durgaon Maruti temple and goes to Durgaon Belwadi Road, situated at the other end of Budha and Ahivant Gada. It takes at least 3 hours to see the fort fair.

Work on Daregaon to Belwadi road is on. After this road, you can go directly to the paddle and go from there to the fort by the highway.

2) Via Belwadi
The second route to the Ahinwant Fort comes from the fort from Belawadi village. Wani Belwadi is a 30 km ferry march. From Bellwadi, we can reach the fort in two hours.

3) via Achala
Go to Nashik via Mumbai or Pune. Nasikhun to reach Wani. ST from Wani should go to Pimpri Achala. This distance is about 12 km. Going down to Achala village, go straight to the Pimpri village. This distance is half an hour. Stone Pimpri is a village at the bottom of the fort. Private voyage can be directly located in Pimpri village. From the village, there are small chapati temples in front of the hills.To move upwards towards him. The footprints first goes up from the fields and then from a forested forest. Usually within half an hour, you reach the Satni temple on the Sondo. The fort standing on the left side of the temple is good, while the right to run on the right leads directly to Ahinavat fort.

Accommodation Facility:

Accommodation is not available on the fort. There are 30 facilities available in the Maruti temple in Daregawa.

Food Facility:

We should arrange for the food ....

Water Facility:

There is a water tank on the fort. It can get water till February.

Time to go:

It takes 2 hours via Dewagram and Bilhwadi.

Good duration to go:

July to February
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