Asawa Fort - Fort Of Maharashtra

Asawa (Asawa) 

Fort high: 2400
Type of fort: Giridurg 
mountain range: Palghar
District: Palghar Category: Medium

 Boisar   is an important city in Thane district. In ancient times, there is a large number of foreign trade between Shorpark, Dahanu, Tarapur, Shree Station / Dakshani Port (Thane), Kaliyan (Kalyan) etc. The goods coming from these ports were going on the country in various ways. Forts are being built to guard and protect these roads. One of the Asava  fort was built in ancient times on the connecting routes of Dahanu and Tarapur port to the country. It is easy to climb up the fort in Thane and this one day trek gets amazing because of the road going through the desert forest.

Places to see:

The fort enters your fort upstairs. The wall of the fort is built by each other. On the top of the fort there are 2 cisterns dug in the katan. The big cistern water is suitable for them. There is a huge build up on the southern tip of the fort. The length of this tank is 50 feet, 20 feet in width and 15 feet in depth. The feature of this tank is to have a piece of paper on one side and the remaining three sides are packed with rocky stones.The western wall of the casket is made of stairs to enter. Cutlery The curtain pits that are 1 foot diameter and 6 inches in diameter are designed to get rid of the dirt before it gets accumulated in the tank. There is no water for the wall of this tank wall.

When you see these pans, the left hand opens the west entrance entrance seat. The relics of the entrants and the next deities are found. After falling down from the entrance, the wall remains visible on the left side and some of the steps excavated in the kalai are also seen.

From the entrance to the fort, a wall appears on the front of the fort, and it is a walled wall. These tanks are small, and they are composed of large tanks, with a stone wall and a three-stone wall.The pane (excavation) has been excavated in the area on this side of this tank. The small water pond surrounding the damaged water will fall into the pond and it is planned that the water will be drained when the tank is over. This structure will accumulate cavity and clean water. There are few steps in the vicinity of these tanks.

Apart from this, there is a cave inscribed in the cave on the lower side of the fort. To see the large tanks down the road, they have to cross the south end of the fort and go east (at the direction of Baripada village). If you see the cave, your fading ends. There is a trek to come down from the cave. But if it is not too widely used, then only if it is right with the guys.

Devkop Lake of Palghar is visible from the fort to the south.

Distance to reach:

By rail: - Boisar is an important railway station on Western Railway. Boisar is the nearest station to see the fort of Assam. Some passenger trains that depart from Mumbai Central stop at Boisar. Also, Virar - Dahanu trains that depart from Dahanu every week stop at Boisar.

Accommodation Facility:

There is no facility to stay on the fort.

Food Facility:

There is no facility to stay on the fort.

Water Facility:

There is only water in the month of February.

Time to go:

It takes 1.30 (½) hours to reach the fort from the base to the fort.

Good duration to go:

June to March

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